Spring Fayre

2014-06-02 20:10:19 scout

Saturday 29th March saw the group put on our first Spring fayre. There were many stalls and traders in attendance and a number of games ran by the group’s leaders. In total, the morning raised over two hundred pounds for the group funds. Well done everyone!

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Scouts: Officially Safe to be Around

2014-06-02 20:08:19 scout

This term the troop have been concentrating on useful life skills; maps, cooking, repairing things. A major project was to bring the level of the Scout’s First Aid skills up to Stage 3, many having earned Stages 1 and 2 in Beavers and Cubs respectively. This is a excellent example of the progressive learning that Scouting provides for our young people. As part of the training, the Scouts are well prepared for many eventualities and even practiced CPR on a training dummy!

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Fun in the Sun for St. George

2014-06-02 20:07:43 scout

As the last group activity for this term, 8 Beavers, 10 Cubs and a quarter of the Scout Troop enjoyed an action-packed day in the sun at the Oaks campsite on Sunday 13th April.

There were lots of activities that were on offer to the young people to participate in: including more traditional Scouting pursuits such fire lighting, toasting marshmallows, water challenges (with the Beavers in particular trying to get the deputy county commissioner very wet!), navigation exercises and a scavenger hunt. There were also other fun activities, and the young people enjoyed the bouncy castle, trying to walk on stilts and three legged races.

Afterwards, the entire district renewed their promises at the Oaks campsite chapel.

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Cards, Bridges and Breakfast in a Car Park

2014-06-02 20:05:29 scout

Valentine’s weekend this year saw the first camp of the year for our reformed Scout Troop. Three of the Scouts and the leaders spent the weekend at Nanpantan Scout Hut practicing some of the skills that the Scouts have learnt over the past couple of terms.

One of the activities involved constructing a monkey bridge across the field putting the Scout’s lashing skills to the test. Other activities involved playing many games of Sopio (ask for a game sometime!) and the Scouts doing all the cooking throughout the camp, from making their own dough for pizzas to cooking a full english on camping stoves in the car park. The next camp we have planned at the moment is Summer Camp in Staffordshire this July.

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Swimming Gala

2014-06-02 19:48:05 scout

Early February saw the District’s annual Swimming Gala return after the devastating fire at the Leisure centre a while back led to the event fall off the calendar. Our Scouts did rather well, teaming up with a lone Scout from 3rd Loughborough, winning a few individual races and placing highly in many of the team races. Overall, in the Scout category our team came 4th by a single point, and within a handful of points of the trophy. Well done everyone!

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