Space Centre Sleepover!

2014-09-14 08:52:14 admin

What a great start to our new term, 5 beavers went to the space centre for a sleepover, for most of them it was their first sleepover with beavers!

We had lots of fun, we were part of team Aliens! We made rockets and had a go at launching them, we had a look around the space centre, and did some team building games.

We watch a view shows to, one being about Astronauts which they enjoyed to.

A few photos we managed to take to show you all how much fun we had!

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Latest Beaver News

2014-08-17 14:53:04 admin


Last term we had lots of fun, we did science experiments, to gain our experiment badge. We did a hike, this time is didn’t rain and we stayed nice and dry.

We made bird feeders, had a visit to the carillon.And most beavers went right to the top! We invested two Beavers here! And had  lovely visit from the ADC Beavers.

We also had a great time having a good at some campfire sketches and songs.

We currently have space for new members, so if your child is age 5 3/4 boy or girl pleaes get in contact via the contact us button!

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Photos of what we have been up to!

2014-04-14 08:20:36 beaver

A few photos from the past 2 terms.

A few photos from parades, Chinese new year craft fun, and having a go and playing a selection of musical instruments, thanks to Thumaston Marching Brass for coming down.

20140313_182331-1 20140313_183312 (1) 2013-11-10 09.47.48_resized (1) 2013-11-10 09.54.24_resized 2013-11-10 09.59.25_resized 2013-12-01 11.21.09_resized 20140130_182717_resized 20140130_182727_resized 20140130_190001_resized 20140313_182102 20140313_182102 (1)

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Beaver's Enjoy Saint George's Activity Day

2014-04-14 08:20:03 beaver

8 of our beavers enjoyed a lovely day at the Oaks campsite on the 13th April.

Lots of Activity’s enjoyed by them all. From fire lighting, toasting marshmallows, to water challenges (including trying to get the deputy county commissioner  wet). They enjoyed the bouncy castle, trying to walk on stilts, 3 legged races.

They all renewed their promise at the oaks campsite chapel.

Some lovely photos so you can see how much fun they had!

20140413_140126_resized 20140413_144134_resized 20140413_094213_resized 20140413_115259_resized 20140413_115722_resized 20140413_121326_resized 20140413_122751_resized 20140413_124302_resized 20140413_124530_resized 20140413_125808_resized 20140413_130530_resized 20140413_134256_resized

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Animal Fun!

2014-01-27 20:09:22 beaver

Beavers enjoy hands on experience with a selection of animals.

Including snakes, tarantulas, millipedes, a raccoon and a monitor lizard.

Most of our Beavers said that they enjoyed the snakes and Bo Bo the Raccoon, who ate fruit from the beavers hands!

2014-01-16 18.21.49-1 2014-01-16 18.09.202014-01-16 18.38.55 2014-01-16 18.49.09 2014-01-16 18.54.39 2014-01-16 18.10.07 2014-01-16 18.19.06 2014-01-16 18.22.30 2014-01-16 18.38.36 2014-01-16 18.38.41

If you would like to book an animal party for yourself or your children please contact

Lee Richardson


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